Winter Car Care FAQ

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Winter Car Care FAQ

Winter Car Care FAQ

Winter Car Care Tips for Drivers Near Sandy, PA

Routine winter car maintenance tips can keep your Cadillac running safely during the chill of winter. The Pennsylvania roads around Sandy and DuBois can quickly become slippery and dangerous, which is why our service technicians are ready to perform multi-point inspections to evaluate batteries, tire treads, and fluid levels. They are also available to answer frequently asked questions about Cadillac winter car care.

Do I need winter tires on my Cadillac?

Since Sandy, Pennsylvania gets more snow than most places in the United States, snow tires with proper tire pressure can help you stay safe during the worst winter driving conditions. The service center at Spitzer Cadillac DuBois offers tire maintenance and repairs, and our service advisors can help you choose the snow or all-season tires that are best for your vehicle.

How does the cold weather affect my Cadillac’s battery?

Cold temperatures affect batteries, and many car owners notice their cars are slow to start when the temperatures drop. In the winter, your battery’s starting power can drop up to 50 percent compared to the summer months. If your Cadillac has between 40,000 and 70,000 miles, it might need a new battery soon. The technicians at Spitzer Cadillac DuBois can inspect your battery to determine its remaining life span so that you don’t risk becoming stranded thanks to a dead battery.

How do I maintain safe visibility?

Your Cadillac has several safety features, but the most important features are your brakes and windshield. Snow and ice can wreak havoc on your windshield wiper blades and can quickly empty your washer fluid tank. Our technicians can replace your wiper blades and fill your washer fluid to maintain visibility. We recommend keeping a snow brush and ice scraper to clean your windshield before you set off on the slipper roads. When you park outside on snowy days and nights, lift your wiper blades so the rubber does not stick to the frozen glass.

How often should I change the oil in my Cadillac?

Cold weather puts pressure on your engine, as thickened motor oil takes longer to lubricate it. In the winter months, we highly recommend winter-use motor oil. If you didn’t have your Cadillac’s oil changed in the fall, it’s probably time for fresh oil and a new oil filter. When you bring your Cadillac in for an oil change, our service technicians can check your cooling system and ensure you have the correct ratio of antifreeze to water.

Choose the Cadillac Service Center in DuBois, PA

The best place for Cadillac maintenance near Sykesville, Pennsylvania, is Spitzer Cadillac DuBois. Our factory-trained and certified service technicians know how the winter weather and slippery roads affect your Cadillac’s tires, battery, and fluids. To make your Cadillac maintenance convenient and affordable in the winter months, we offer online service scheduling and a rotating menu of service offers .

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